PAVE SE welcomed 450 scholars via remote learning on August 17, 2020. This included almost 40 students who comprise our inaugural 6th grade cohort. Every day, our scholars are waking up, putting on their uniforms or blue/white polos, and logging into their device to engage in instruction and with each other. 

Our teachers and leaders worked hard this summer to learn the best practices to educate our scholars online and in the classroom. We provided all of our scholars with an iPad (K-1st) or a Chromebook (2nd-6th) so they can access a PAVE education from afar. 

Although we are teaching and leading remotely, the vibrant spirit of PAVE is alive. Classrooms bear college names and all reflect joyful graphics, music, and programs that enliven the experience. Our scholars are persevering through adversity and rising to the unprecedented challenge. Much of the 2019-20 teaching team has returned to support students from last year through this year. We have hired a new school counselor, who, in addition to our social worker, will support our families’ and students’ social and emotional needs through these uncertain times. We recognize that this is challenging and new for you and us. We want to wrap around our community to provide clear communication and support all along the way.

We will RISE, PAVE Panthers!