Happy Fall from PAVE SE!

In light of growing coronavirus case counts and hospitalizations, particularly in the Southeast Raleigh community, PAVE has decided to pause the whole school in Virtual Instruction (Plan C) until January 25, 2021. Estimates show that the next few months could lead to even greater numbers of cases, and with potential holiday travel upon us, we want to minimize risk to the community and maximize the consistency and quality of the learning experience for our students. Ahead of January 25th, our team will assess conditions to determine next steps; however, we expect to return to physical instruction for the students who chose it.

Our scholars, teachers and leaders have persevered through the differences of the virtual learning model, with our average daily attendance hovering around 95%. The PAVE community has rallied together to RISE and continues to show amazing resilience in the midst of a global pandemic.


Our social workers are constantly working with PAVE families to ensure that all of our scholars have the sustenance, shelter and support needed to excel academically and personally.


Virtual Learning Spotlight at PAVE SE

Ms. Adams’ 2nd grade class learned about the properties of liquids and solids through making Oobleck. Scholars seemed attentive, engaged and felt competent to participate in the discussion that followed the lesson. The engaged looks on their faces shows how PAVE scholars and teachers are persevering through the differences of remote learning.

Support a PAVE scholar this holiday season

Everything that happens during the day in the life of a PAVE scholar happens, in part, through the collective generosity of individuals like you. Please join us in ensuring all of our scholars emerge from a PAVE education on a path of expanded opportunities.

Your gift to PAVE SE can:

  • provide hotspots for those scholars who do not have access to Wi-Fi at home
  • help us create meaningful remote learning materials for our scholars
  • support the critical infrastructure needed to sustain our online learning platform