Welcome to PAVE SE! We are so excited to see our new scholars this 2020-21 school year. Remote learning can be very overwhelming because it’s something new for our younger learners. Below you will find a few tips to prepare you and your child for the remote learning journey ahead! Please feel free to contact your K-1 Instructional Coach Ms. Blackwell at kblackwell@paveschools.org if you have any further questions or concerns. We will see you soon!

Tip #1: Reduce Distractions

Where possible, reduce distractions when your scholar is completing schoolwork. This includes noise, as well as visual distractions. It is helpful to find a designated workspace that is comfortable for your scholar.

Tip #2: Communicate, communicate, communicate!

We are a team, so please communicate with your scholar’s teacher throughout the year as much as possible. It’s also helpful to share with your teacher what is working best for you and your child.

Tip #3: Provide immediate positive feedback

Each time your scholar completes remote learning instruction, provide immediate and positive feedback! Something as simple as putting a check mark, star, or sticker on the work assignment can go a long way!

Tip #4: Schedule for Independent practice

Schedules are important to help set expectations and maintain a sense of normalcy. For young scholars with shorter attention spans, 15-20 minutes per subject may be an appropriate time frame for independent work.  

Tip #5: Productive Struggle!

Always allow scholars to do their own work. However, there will be challenges at times-that is okay! It will be important for you as the parent(s) to sit with your child and ensure that he/she understands the skill(s).

Tip #6: Reward and Add Time for Fun. 

Try to build in as much fun as possible. You’ll want them to remember the good experiences that happened during this period of time, too.