My name is Latoyia Kinsey, and I am the new principal of PAVE Charter School. In the coming weeks, I’m certain that you will have the opportunity to learn more about me, and I will have the great pleasure of knowing more about you. However, at this time, it’s necessary for us to communicate some ideas that greatly affect all of us. Family doesn’t gather in times of joy but also in times of great adversity. We sincerely value you as an important member of the PAVE family.

The events that have taken place in our world over the past few weeks have been extremely challenging and, at many times, overwhelming. As a PAVE family, we collectively mourn the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and all those who have lost their lives unnecessarily. We wanted to reach out to let you know that as a school we stand with the Southeast Raleigh community and all of those across the nation who have been affected by these events. The lives of our students and families have always mattered, and it’s vital that we let you know that now more than ever. We stand with you as we share in your hurt, anger, and frustration. Please know that you are loved, you are heard, and you are seen.

In determining how we can stand in solidarity and weighing all possible outcomes, we’ve chosen not to gather at our school site to host a live vigil or public gathering yet. We will provide a space however, where you can leave flowers, balloons, posters or any items of your choosing that shows support for the lost and their families. Please allow us one day to determine where this space will be for our staff and families.

As you exercise your rights towards change, we hope that you stay safe if you choose to attend any of the local organized protests. Please remember that we are in this together.

Yours in service,
Latoyia A. Kinsey
Principal, PAVE Southeast Raleigh

About Ms. Kinsey

Latoyia Kinsey is PAVE’s 5th Grade Team Lead who brings 20 years of experience as an educator. She believes that all learning begins with relationships. Latoyia’s career has included teaching grades 4-12, primarily focused in Language Arts, English and Advanced Placement English. She has had the opportunity to serve as a grade team lead, lead teacher, curriculum writer, guidance counselor and elementary school principal. She has presented at the ACSI Southeast Regional conference on topics such as effective classroom management, learning through play and teacher retention/burnout. Latoyia is passionate about social justice, trauma informed teaching, and social emotional learning, all of which play a huge part in her daily interactions with students. As a first-generation college graduate, her ultimate desire is to see underserved children receive an outstanding, equitable education that prepares them to confidently pursue post-secondary endeavors, along with a wide range of civic and global opportunities.

In the coming weeks, you will hear more from Ms. Arthur and Ms. Kinsey about how we will work together to empower our students for the highest quality high schools, colleges, and beyond.